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Monday, August 17, 2009

1 week into the sabbatical

I'm now one week into the SEEF3M... one of the objectives was to feel what being an entrepreneur was like. I've definitely accomplished that:

  • At night, I can't wait for the morning to come so I can get up and work on stuff. Slightly different than my day job.
  • It's really easy to just let the day go away... It's amazing how fast a day goes! I find myself working maybe 2-3 hours a day of real work, which was discouraging to me until I figured that at my corporate job, that's about how much real work you do too. But through Toodledoo, I'm trying to get myself more efficient and accomplish more in a day.
  • My main project, NOTtheBookstore.com, is in the middle of selling season for the fall semester, and it's going pretty slow. I'm barely breaking even on revenue with all of the marketing costs I spent on it. So that's led me to freaking out that I'm not getting a paycheck and wondering how I'm gonna make money. I guess just like an entrepreneur eh?
If you asked me today how I'm feeling, I would be thinking "Thank god I have a real job to go back to" instead of "this freedom is great." Last week it was the latter, but a little dose of reality today. I'm doing some traveling over the next couple weeks, but still plan on doing some work each day. Hopefully I can work on getting some new projects going and get re-encouraged again!



Jason Cohen said...

All these emotions are completely normal.

Then you'll make some big sale and they will swap. Then it will wane again and you'll doubt.

It's all just part of the... um... fun?

You can probably still double your productivity just by single-tasking and focusing. That's important, especially since you're on a short fuse.

Dale said...

Boy Jason were you right... two days ago I had a good revenue day, and yesterday I had a great revenue day... and now I think I can take over the world! Then I was reminded I make about the equivalent of a summer intern, and it brought me back to earth and back to work...

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