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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Rich Quick / Work From Home

Are you ready to start working from home and getting rich quick? Who isn't?!!?

Well we have poured through ALL of the opportunities you may have seen online or on TV (usually late at night) and we here at the Corporatepreneur Blog have created a list below of all of the opportunities that will ACTUALLY help you get rich quick while working from home!

  • None
And maybe by now our point has been made. There is no shortcut to getting rich. We have been working hard at our own business for 8 years before starting this blog, and trust us - there are no shortcuts. In fact - in some ways that's a great thing! If becoming an entrepreneur were so easy, there wouldn't be any money in it at all. In the past 8 years we have struggled more than we could have imagined but also succeeded more than we thought possible. The work is harder and the payout is greater than we thought going in.

So get rich quick schemes just doesn't make sense. The US GDP can only be split so many ways - so there are no opportunities out there where you can just sign up and start making $5,000 per month from home right away - otherwise EVERYONE would already be in that line of work!! The same rules apply in entrepreneurship as any traditional business. In order to make money - you must provide something of value such that someone else wants to pay you for your product, your service, or your labor. And the more skilled you are - the more people will be willing to pay you. And this comes from education, training, and creativity.

So the fastest way to start down the path of true success as an entrepreneur is to ignore all of the hype and schemes out there and start educating yourself about what it really takes to make it. That's why we started this blog. As a place to share information with other entrepreneurs and help each other get out of "working for the man" and start working for yourselves!

So you need the Corporatepreneur - and we need you to post comments and share your insights, your links and your experience!


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Odin1250 said...

I would add that getting rich quick on the Internet is even less likely. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, its just much more difficult than most people would imagine. I have 10 Internet sites and now a new blog, and even after paying Google and Yahoo for position I don't get that much traffic. Quick Internet success for most is a one in a million shot.

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