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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About Us

What is the Corporatepreneur?
This is a blog about the dream of starting your own business and becoming your own boss. It really started years ago when a group of us would regularly meet (monthly or so) and share tips and tricks about becoming entrepreneurs. We called it the "meeting of the minds" and we would give updates on the progress of our businesses and lament about having to continue to work in the corporate world while starting to see the light of freedom that entrepreneurship offers.

Someone once told me that all of the corporate profits reported to Wall Street by these Fortune 500 companies are just "excess productivity that the employees are not compensated for." After I thought about that for a little bit - it really began to bother me. Basically all of my hard work was making someone else at the top of the ladder rich.

I can't completely bash the corporate world because it provides some stability and predictability, though much less than it used to. In my short 8 years "working for the man" I have seen enough evidence that the security offered by these companies is merely a mirage in the sand. I have seen talented people who gave their entire lives to a company let go because they could be replaced by much less expensive new-hires. I've seen employees and friends fired close to retirement, or given packages in order to retire years before planned. And now - as this blog begins in earnest, the economic situations are leading to an increased tightening or elimination of employee benefits including 401k matches.

But I don't have to go on and on telling you all of the reasons why it makes sense to start your own business. If you are reading this then you, like the rest of us, know where you want to go with your life but are looking for help along the way. That's what the Corporatepreneur is here for. There is a long and awkward period between when you realize you are worth more than what your employer thinks - but you have yet to make it on your own as a business owner.

So please become part of our community, post your thoughts and insights, and help us help each other. We really don't know where this blog is headed - it is more of a labor of love as all of us who started it have our own side businesses to attend to as well. Some are in their infancy, others are long defunct, but it's those few and precious ideas that start to take off that keep us working every day to try and make it on our own.

And now you are in luck! You can watch the process from our experience as well as share yours. In the past 8 years of doing this we have made more money than we ever thought and we have stayed in corporate jobs longer than we imagined even when we make as much or more on the side! (When is it a good time to cut your income in half!?!)... But more to come on that.

For now please take a look around this blog and if you see something of value - please send it to your friends or others you know who might be dreaming about becoming their own boss!


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