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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fantasy Stats Blog

I have started a new online experiment with Fantasy Stats Blog.
For a few years now, I have been doing my own statistical rankings for Fantasy Baseball and Basketball leagues. Without going into all the bland details, I find that rankings tend to overvalue Points in basketball and HRs and RBIs in baseball. I also use it to balance my teams across each of the 8 normal categories used in Fantasy.

So I created this page to sell my rankings and team optimizer. For the few weeks before the NBA season started, I was using Google Adwords to try and sell my program for $9. Various football programs and subscriptions go for up to $25.

I sold a few but it did not cover the costs of Adwords. On Dale's advice, I have lowered the price for the rest of the post draft season to $1 to try and build a database of people who are willing to try it. Hopefully if they see the value in it for $1 they will be more likely to pay $9 next year to be able to draft with it.

Let me know any of your thoughts or comments. I think right now I have a defined product but need to work on the business model and marketing.


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