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Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Entrepreneur's Poem

I’m not coming in to work today
An Entrepreneur's Poem

I’m not coming in to work today
And this really shouldn’t surprise you
If you took the time you’d know –
There’s so much more that I can do

I can’t cost save any more
Another meeting I can’t sit through
I have no passion for this crap anymore
It’s been captured in my review

I just won’t run the rat race again
Too much politics and things untrue
And too many years I feel I’ve sold
For wages below my value

I’ve decided to leave the corporate world
To let my spirit free
For in the real world you know
You’re not the boss of me

The business decisions haven’t been that hard
There was no need to complicate it
You managed out of fear of your own boss
And made all your employees hate it

I know money, I know sales,
It’s just not that hard you know
But you confined me in this terrible job
With not much room to grow

So you work smarter instead of harder
Increase your productivity
I’m going down a better road
To become what I’m meant to be

A leader, a blogger, a singer – who knows?
It almost doesn’t matter to me
I’d much rather do one-hundred things
Than the few you gave to me

You see I’m not at all sick of working
I need an outlet for my creativity
It’s just the work you wanted seemed -
To drained the life from me

But don’t feel bad about me leaving
No company could work you see
Don’t blame yourself for my attrition
No. It’s not you - it’s me

I know that I am better than this
More capable than you could see
And I’ll get credit for all my work
When I am working for me

I’ll no longer count my hours
Or ask for a vacation day
I will just work my butt off -
And relax whenever I say

So I’ll forget my title, forget my rank
They didn’t mean a thing anyway
Just take this job and shove it –
I’m not coming in to work today

A poem by Tom @ The Corporatepreneur (c) 2008


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