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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There are no shortcuts!

While on vacation this week - I ended up catching one of those infomercials that start at 1 am. I was surprised because this one was so outrageous but it was aired on CNBC which I feel is a fairly reputable source for business news and information.

I have been out of touch on the "make millions from home" infomercials but they have really stepped up their game. Let's all be honest with each other - if you could work from home for yourself on line and make $7,000-$10,000 per month - you'd feel quite successful. And... I know that that is entirely possible - but as we have always said here at the Corporatepreneur - that doesn't come easy. It takes years of hard work with little to no return until you figure out your business model and niche.

So don't fall for an infomercial that says things like "take a shortcut to making millions on line - and you don't even have to know how to use a computer!" Maybe people are finally catching on to these schemes promising to make you rich - so they had to step up their game. Again like I said if you make $7,000-$10,000 per month you are doing quite well and it would be life changing - but apparently these infomercials don't stop there...

What about making $7,000 per week!

Still not interested in their $40 product - what about $15,000 per week!?!

Or maybe $40,000 per week (more than most people make in 1 year)...

And before you can catch your breath they hit you with $6,000 PER DAY ($180,000 per month!)

Still not falling for their pitch - they step it up to $100,000 PER WEEK!

In case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you or there was a typo - they hit you with $110,000 per week!

What about some unspecified time frame in which you can make millions!?!?

How could you not order their $40 gimmick now? Well let's talk about this for a second. What do you think you could do that would be worth $100,000 per week? I'm just bringing us back to basics here that in order to make that much money - someone (or some group of people) would have to pay you that much money in a week because they felt what you were offering was worth it. And I'm not even saying that in business this is impossible (think Dell, Microsoft, Google, etc) BUT - you won't get there with a $40 program where you can work from home and not know how to use a computer and have huge checks deposited into your account.

How huge a check? How a bout $110,400 in one day!

So my point from this whole rant is - don't fall for the quick fix. Becoming an entrepreneur is a long hard road - but the payoff in the end could be huge IF you focus on building a business of great value to others - not some get rich quick scheme.

It is my belief that if the folks behind this infomercial had a system that really worked - they wouldn't sell it for $40 - they would start a company and hire employees to do this work and pay them 1/2 of the profits and keep 1/2 for themselves (still a good deal for all involved). So why sell it for $40 - because it probably doesn't really work like they say and they want to get $40 from everyone who wished it did. Just one man's opinion.



Dale said...

Notice the "Unique experience. Results may vary." Disclaimer at the end of every shot.

What product were they selling anyway?

Jason Cohen said...

Boy is that ever true. In the three companies I've started, it takes about three years to really make it work. It took six years at Smart Bear to make me millions of dollars personally, and even that I think is fast and partially due to the industry (software).

It's easy to disprove that it's "that easy." If it were, you would hire people to do whatever the thing is for, oh I don't know, a massive salary like $10k/month, and they can make you ten times that.

Keep doing that and you don't need to bother with dumbass infomercials.

Same argument for people giving stock market advice. Unless you're putting your money where your mouth is (Warren Buffett?), who cares?

Thanks for a funny rant.

Tom said...

Dale - I blurred out any references to the product but I'll text message it to you (I also have it on DVR for when we screen the Call of the Entrepreneur Video).

Jason - great comments and I love your blog. Congrats on the Entrepreneurial success!

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