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Thursday, August 6, 2009

And so it officially begins...

The three month leave of absence begins as of tomorrow. I think the first order of business will be to do a renewal of my goals... starting from high level to what I want to accomplish in my 3 months, down to what I want to accomplish today.

One thing I really would like to get right is to get a system working that allows me to do the "GTD (Getting Things Done)" concept... I'm a scattered thinker, so having this method buttoned up would allow me to know exactly what to do when I feel like doing something else for 10 minutes. Right now I tend to check the stock market, play Mario Kart, and see how many people have read this blog (not many if I don't post new entries). I've struggled with many different methods; an iPhone ap (Toodledoo), Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Excel, and iPrioritize. I've read tips on how to use Outlook, Gmail, etc. I think I have a couple of issues: 1. I don't take the time to maintain my GTD list, and 2. I haven't found the right tools yet. If anyone has tips, I'd love to hear them!



Scott Messner said...

I use ToodleDo. I see it as a to-do list that uses the GTD framework. I used to use ThinkingRock which is a java-based GTD app. ThinkingRock follows the GTD methodology much more strictly than ToodleDo does. I switched to ToodleDo because it is web-based. I have heard great comments about Things which is a GTD app for the Mac.

Dale said...

Thanks Scott, I'll take a look!

Jason Cohen said...

I'm a huge fan of GTD. I would gush more but then it would look like an advertisement.

I use Toodledo also for GTD. I highly recommend it.

For the "inbox zero" part this series is fun and readable: http://www.43folders.com/izero

If your main problem is being a "scattered thinker," then you need to especially work on "next action" and "do one thing at a time."

Dale said...

@Jason: Absolutely. I struggle with doing one thing at a time... My mind tends to wander. I'm gonna put a renewed focus on GTD to help, at least for a few hours a day!

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