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Saturday, April 25, 2009

DRTV and Thank God I'm a Corporatepreneur

Dale's SEEF3M is going to be awesome. Who wouldn't want to work for yourself full time even for just 3 months. But I thought I'd offer my perspective. For those who don't know Dale and I don't run any businesses together (at least not yet) but we are friends and routinely meet to share what we are up to and in general how to better be Entrepreneurs. We also try to keep each other motivated and of course - share code if we've solved a specific issue before.

So I am really glad to be a Corporatepreneur this year... here's why.

For the past 8 years I have made money from a somewhat popular gaming website from banner ads. And I have to say while it took a few years to really take off - when it did things were way better than I ever expected. In fact for the past 3-4 years I could have lived off of that income alone - but didn't. People who know always thought I was crazy, and in a way I was. I guess I figured I could run a business part time and work full tie - why not do it. At the minimum I'd be taking years off my retirement income.

Also over that time I got married, bought a house, etc etc and long story short - people count on me now.

So over the past year my Entrepreneurial income has been drastically lower - and it wouldn't be enough for me to live on at my current lifestyle (see my blog The Paradox of Replacement Income).

Anyways - since the last year has been so rough for making money from advertising - my partners and I decided to take advantage of the low ad rates and think of a business model that could capitalize on these low rates. We've decided to try and sell a product on TV (as seen on TV type).

If you have seen the Snuggie - know that they have sold millions of them. Some people see this and think the Snuggie is dumb, I see it as a brilliant DRTV product. So stay tuned because I'll keep you posted on the DRTV journey. We are working out what out product could be, then we'll shoot a commercial.

In the meantime - be sure to catch Pitchmen on Discovery as it give you some great behind the scenes of the DRTV world.

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Ivette said...

I'd be happy to help with the advertising if you need any help!

Dale said...

Turn lemons into lemonade! If something's really low to the seller, that means it's really low to the buyer too. Smart move on your part!

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