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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More on the leave of absence... SEEF3M

I've given my 3 month leave of absence a name... It's gonna be called "SEEF3M" If that doesn't make sense to you, check out this previous post.

Yesterday was the first time I had a "oh my god what have I done" moment. I had just had a couple friends over for a BBQ lunch and they had left. I suddenly felt very unproductive and unsure of whether I wanted to go through with this. I think it was because I was left alone after a good time with friends. My second biggest fear for the leave or entrepreneurship in general is that I will go stir crazy from the lack of human interaction (the biggest fear of course is losing all my money and not being able to afford a place to live).

I took today off as a vacation day (so a traditional "SEEFAD") and am now sitting in Caribou Coffee. I'm feeling much better about the decision and am looking forward to it again. Things are moving forward with the website (I just hired my first programmer!) and I'm excited to work with him.



Brad Allmendinger said...

Hey there! I've been following your blog for a week or so and figured it was about time I commented. I like the Corporatepreneur idea as that is what I plan to do. Keep up the good work.

I really like the idea of a leave of absence to test the entrepreneurial waters. It never occurred to me previously, but it will (hopefully) allow you to get a flavor for the lifestyle and see if an idea or two can come to fruition. You get the best benefit of a corporate job at the same time, which is of course financial security.

Dale said...

Welcome Brad! Yeah, it was a better option than quitting. Kind of like a pilot plant trial before going to the plant.

Jason Cohen said...


Question: If you end up being able to make enough money that you don't need to return (and in your previous post you alluded to that *possibly* being a goal), does that change the nature of this blog?

Not that it would be a good or bad thing! Just curious.

Tom said...

Jason - I hope Dale makes it and doesn't have to work full-time anymore, but don't worry - I'll still be here in Corporatepreneur limbo as I have been for 8 years! :) Also I am sure Dale will on;y have a better perspective to offer those stuck in-between if he can break free!!

In fact we'd love to get some guest blogs from both sides of the Corporatepreneur world if anyone is interested.

Dave said...

I hope Dale does well, I think the decision points will become interesting. At what point could you project the ability to leave your job for your business? Is 3 months of success enough time?

If it is doing very well but not well enough to leave, how much time will it take to continue to manage once he does not have all day to spend on his sites?

Dale said...

@Jason: That would be a good problem to have!

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