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Monday, March 23, 2009

I did it...

Last week, I did one of those things that could be life changing... I put in for a 3 month personal leave of absence. Now that doesn't sound too dramatic (nor risky, because it's a normal benefit we get and I basically come back to the same job afterwards). But I've always followed the "right" path... went to school, got an engineering degree, got a job at a Fortune 50 corporation where I have a "secure" job. Taking 3 months off is one of those things that's both scary and exciting for me.

People ask what I want to do with my 3 months off... I tell them ideally to make enough money so I don't hafta come back. But 3 months is a bit of a stretch to accomplish that (although I will buy a lottery ticket on my first day off). So I will settle for significantly advancing my textbook website and starting 2-3 low barrier to entry type businesses.

I will be using this as a safe way to test out living the lifestyle of an entrepreneur: no paycheck and no one to blame but yourself for anything. I know it could be really easy to just piss away three months, but hopefully the giant sucking sound (sorry Mr. Perot) of my monthly expenses draining my savings will motivate me to make the most of my time off.

So now, I've got a major case of senioritis... which I haven't gotten in 8 years. The leave isn't for another 4 months! I plan on blogging about my experience on this blog, and hopefully have people continue to keep me motivated and encouraged... and maybe inspire others too.



Adam McFarland said...

Congrats Dale! I bet you don't ever go back :)

Dale said...

Thanks Adam! I sure hope so, because that means that I struck it rich. :)

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