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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SEEFAD: Self-Employed Experience For A Day

One of the Tips & Tricks we at the Corporatepreneur are most proud of is SEEFAD.

SEEFAD: Self-Employed Experience For A Day
In one of our many "meetings of the minds" - we were lamenting about how annoying it was to work at your full-time job all day when you had something awesome you wanted to do for your own business on the side. And even worse - by the time you got home you were too exhausted to be productive for your own business and maybe you even fell asleep on the couch only to wake up the next morning and drag yourself back into your cube in the corporate world.

Well - we figured out a way around this and it has been amazing. SEEFAD. What we do is take a vacation day or use one of the many holiday days off to mimic a "a day in the life of working for ourselves." And the experience is amazing. It's like fast-forwarding into the future when you can control what you do and when you do it. And all of your productivity benefits you directly.

SEEFAD doesn't mean that we spend that entire day working a 9 to 5 for our own job. Some of us wake up late - hit the gym (because we always said we'd get in shape if we had more time) and then work leisurely from home. Other times a small group of 2-3 of us meet at a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and build our own businesses with great drinks and great company. Nothing is more motivating than being around others who are entrepreneurs (or have the entrepreneurial spirit) as well.

So try it for yourself, SEEFADing is not that complicated:
1) Pick a day that you can dedicate to SEEFAD (either a vacation day, or President's day, or even a Saturday).
2) Live that day exactly how you would wish to if you were working for yourself full-time!

Now tell us about your SEEFAD experience!


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