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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Illusions of Entrepreneurship

I found this book in a search for Entrepreneur Data. it appears to be a bit dated and this blog is NOT a book review nor a plug for you to get this book (as I have not read it). Instead I was fascinated by the Illusions of Entrepreneurship Quiz which contains some interesting and surprising facts about entrepreneurship. I did not do well - I believe I scored a 30%. I also believe that although this quiz is quite interesting - the point of this blog is to show that you don't have to study the history of entrepreneurs to be one. And that's what it's all about. I think most people want to do their own thing, only entrepreneurs are the few who actually take measurable action.

So take the Illusions of Entrepreneurship Quiz - but don't let an "F" on that quiz stop you from starting your own business. Because the only thing that is relevant (in my opinion) to your success is is your own hard work, dedication, and creativity.


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Jason Cohen said...

I agree that most entrepreneurs want to forge their own path.

As well they should! Innovation comes from bucking the trend.

At the same time, it's useful to read about others, not to emulate but for inspiration.

Forging your own trail isn't about negating everything in the world, but picking your own truths and following them consistently.

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