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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Retreating back to the corporate world

I found this facinating article about a 29 year old entrepreneur in Kenya who had take a full-time job because when the economy turned sour she could no longer make it on her own with her business.

I think some may see this as a cautionary tale about why the awkward stage of the Corporatepreneur (where you work full-time in the corporate world but have a side business as well) can be a prolonged period and it is difficult to know when to make the leap.

I will give this article a different spin. If you make the leap - what is the worst thing that could happen? You'd have to get a job again. Like you have now. Only you gave yourself a shot to follow a different path.

Someone once told me (that's what I always say when I heard something but have no idea where to go and find the source again) that anyone can go get a job. You can always become an employee again. I don't mean to say you'll find the best job ever - but really the worst case scenario is having to work for the man again - and that's where most entrepreneurs are coming from anyways.

So the risks attached to taking the "big leap" sometimes aren't nearly as large as we make them out to be.


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