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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogs coming out of my ears!

I've got a dilemma. Hoping for some advice from the community.

I have the opposite issues of what this Problogger post is talking about. I have so many topics I want to blog about that I end up starting myriad blogs. Here's what they are:

  • Corporatepreneur (this blog) - started with a couple friends to blog about entrepreneurship while working in the corporate world) ACTIVE
  • Nottheblog (notthebookstore.blogspot.com) - to promote NOTtheBookStore.com INACTIVE
  • Dale's Sabbatical (dalessabbatical.blogspot.com) - to update people about the 3 month sabbatical I was taking INACTIVE
  • Wok this Way (wokthisway.blogspot.com) - A blog discussing being Asian American in the midwest (have decent amount of content, INACTIVE now)
  • Forever Cheesehead (forevercheesehead.blogspot.com) - Blogging about Wisconsin sports outside of Wisconsin (SEMI-ACTIVE)
  • Cincyasian (cincyasian.com) - Where to get good (good enough at least) Asian food in Cincinnati (ACTIVE, but just started)
  • Breeze Blog (www.breezebbq.com/ask-a-bbq-expert-blog) - News on the Tremore Breeze Smoker (ACTIVE)
This doesn't include two blogs I consider personal, so not sharing publicly... even though it's findable. This also doesn't include two or three more blog topics I've considered starting, including one on investing in the stock market and another discussing baseball statistics.

The reason I started so many is because I feel like blogs need to be targeted in order to best get traffic. Each one has its own niche that I was hoping to exploit. But I realize I also need to be dedicated enough to a blog to give it proper content and to promote it properly. Plus, with my personal blogs, I want to keep it semi-private, and also because I'm sure it's a different audience that wants to read about my personal stuff than my public stuff. Or maybe that's not true?

What I've come up with is one blog that I can just blog about things that come to mind, and ideally have a good tagging system that allows sorting into RSS feeds that people who are interested in only one topic can subscribe to. I'm sure that's not ideal in terms of getting and holding traffic, but I can't seem to garner up enough inspiration to keep all those blogs full of content.

The article from Problogger was really good. I might go this route for now, and then see if niches naturally fall out of it. Any advice from the blogging community?

-Up to my neck in blogs



Brad said...

I have enough trouble keeping up with just my one blog so I don't really think I could handle updated multiple blogs simultaneously...but that's just me. I'm not naturally the blogging type.

The point from that ProBlogger article is pretty solid, but I agree with you that it would be difficult to find a regular group of readers if you're topics are all over the place.

In my time doing heavy SEO, I learned there are a lot of people that believe that once a domain is respected, keyword targeted pages can rank (fairly) easily regardless of whether the topic fits well with the whole of the site. So search engine traffic won't be your main hurdle, but have I always struggled with classifying a site in my own thoughts if there isn't a larger theme to the site.


Dale said...

Thanks Brad... Interesting insight about SEO. Basically do your thing, and if it's good I'll get search engine traffic.

Rahul Dande said...

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Ravinder Dande said...

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